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Our Team

Ivan Dmitiev, CEO
Ivan is the founder and the main inspirer of the Why Not Wine company. He has been working in wine industry for more than twelve years, and now he is a real guru, an acknowledged expert in organoleptic and sensory analysis on external and domestic markets. From the very beginning his mission has been to promote wine culture among professionals and amateurs. Whatever question you have about wine - he is your man to get the answer from!
Venera Minnegaleeva, executive director
Venera has a degree in PR and advertising, and has a great experience in working in large corporations. She is a perennial source of enthusiasm, the heart and soul of the company. From her point of view, a glass of wine can only bring fun and joy to any work. Venera leads our department for corporate and private services.
Sergey The Gold, head of the marketing department
Sergey graduated from Bauman’s University. Currently heads the marketing department in WNW and continues his education at the Faculty of Management in music business and entertainment business school.